The mixing of cultures drives innovation.
We bridge that gap, using nature as a medium, since 1995.
We, at Nice and Natural, enable the natural beauty of Indian Stone
to truly express itself before the rest of the world, and transform itself into
innovative structures, as a result of this amalgamation.
Your living space is not just a structure of brick and mortar.
It is in fact an extension of your identity. We believe that your living space
has to be special and Indian Pietra adds to it the element of warmth, elegance,
uniqueness and luxury that you deserve. It can be used to beautify your home
through landscapes, paving, flooring, home improvement and wall decoration.
A commercial space is to impress your customer and
promote business. A beautiful commercial space adds tremendous
value to your products or services. An elegantly designed space creates an ambience
for increased creativity and productivity. Indian Pietra adds style to your office
through landscaping, elevation, pathways, flooring and design elements.
A public space is an important place where people want to be. It should
instill a sense of pride in the people who live and work in the surrounding area.
It needs to be designed in a way that makes people feel welcome and comfortable.
Indian Pietra adds charm to places that people love to visit,
through footpaths, pathways and landscaping.