About Us
N&N has embarked upon a journey to deliver the Indian heritage of sandstone products across the world. We are proudly and actively engaged across the value chain for transformation of stone from "blocks" format to "ready-to-use" products for end users.

Understanding that the only thing constant in this world is change, we are always keen to gather learnings from across continents, acquiring knowledge to change for betterment and progress.

We are fully equipped with all modern machines and equipment to deliver as per the customized requirements of our customers.

We offer solutions for elevations, flooring, driveway, swimming pool, outdoor landscaping, outdoor furniture, signage and designer tiles.

N&N Advantage
  • Branded way, all the way
  • Primary focus on quality from procurement to delivery
  • Full in-house processing capabilities to manufacture our own products, including large size projects
  • Sound in-process controls from sourcing of stones to stuffing of containers
  • Adopting technologies to meet the dynamic needs of our customers
  • Uniquely positioned to deliver customized products
  • Enjoy being in business since > 20 years
  • Proud partners in > 30 countries, agents and representatives in > 10 countries
  • Environmentally Responsible & Ethical
  • Educated promoters and professionally managed organization
  • Testing compliances in laboratories in U.K., Germany, Poland and India
  • Customer driven organization with our feet in the market, office in Slovakia
  • Ready to sell products
  • Increased focus on undertaking Project Orders. OneSource Stone, a collaborative venture undertaken by us to target project enquiries. One stop solution for all stone requirements of project managers by partnering with select stone companies from China, Brazil, Portugal, Vietnam, Turkey who share similar thought process, values and target customer satisfaction as their first priority.
  • To appoint more Agents/Master Dealers/Dealers across the globe
  • To promote 'Olha O' products in the global market.
  • To offer the Stone Care Solutions to customers.

Our entire range of Branded products offering polished tiles, wall ledgers and strips providing cladding/ flooring solutions for interior as well as exterior spaces.

Our range of extra light and extra thin slates for easy application across multiple surfaces of almost any shape!

Our range of hand-worked/ handcrafted products, including blocksteps, palisades, kerbstones, artifacts, sculptures, etc.