Indian Pietra
'Pietra' stands for natural stone (other than Marble & Granite) in Italy, as well known in many countries. We are proud to name our range of Indian Stones as 'Indian Pietra', fusion of two great traditions for modern times.

Use of sandstone has a rich history with numerous important historic buildings donning their facade and interiors with different varieties of sandstone products in India and Italy, owing to enormous internal reserves.

Interestingly, the application of sandstone in historic buildings across both countries has very stark resemblance which one can spot as one walks past the forts and palaces of both the countries.

  • Indian Pietra has an undeniable incremental beauty, being unique both in appearance and texture
  • Equally good and unique characteristics as marble and granite but at lower costs
  • Pietra last longer than any other building materials, attaining their full magnificence with age
  • Highlights commercial and residential spaces
  • Unique stones from India for the world
  • Promotes natural living lifestyle
  • Enormous reserves of Indian Pietra
  • Lower cost of cladding vs. cost of painting
  • Negligible maintenance cost
  • Labour intensive industry leading to job opportunities to many people